Are you going to be a Smart Parent arming your child with tools and techniques so that he can go ahead and conquer the world?


Just be another Parent waiting for your child to grow up and struggle in the competitive world?

MySuperKid is a proven programme across the globe that can guarantee personal care to your child along with your help. Remember, what you do while your child is in 2 to 6 year age group will decide what he does till he lives.

If you don't act now, you may miss the opportunity of grooming your child. There is very little you can do to help your children once they grow up. If not properly cared for in the tender years, they may not perform upto their potential in all the aspects of life.

A smart parent's goal is to:

C Increase their children's IQ
C Make them confident
C Experience them learning
C Give them the feeling that they can achieve anything
C Allow them to dream freely and
C Increase their creative thinking skills

Give them a take-charge attitude so that they'll be equipped to take control of their life when they grow up and live a successful life forever.

You can do it with ease. We can help you do it.
Why Love Us
This is the most crucial period in a child's life. The foundation for life is laid during this time.
Early Childhood Education experts design courses for the overall development of child.
MySuperKid children are outperforming other children in all aspects of life; not just studies.
Brain development is "Activity-Dependent". Richer the experience, stronger is the neuron
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Our Super Kids
  • Diya verma
    Diya Verma
  • Kunal malhotra
    Kunal Malhotra
    Manvika Sharma
    Nansy Jain
    Pulkit Malik
    Riya Tyagi
    Srishti Narang
Our Popular Courses
This course ensures that the child is able to express his needs assertively and verbally. No more worries about your child's unruly behavior and tantrums.

Talk Talk Gym

Age 2.5-3.5
Logic Gym helps them in applying and analyzing the things they notice and help them to think logically - be it science or mathematics. This in turn will develop their problem solving skills.

Logic Gym (1.0)

Age 3.5-4.5
Conquer English and conquer the world is an old saying. What are you waiting for? Let your child start conquering the world.
Think English Gym(2.0)

Age 4.5-6

Never believed I can build mathematical and logical skill in my child, but now he loves numbers, looks like he has carving for numbers, loves to play with numbers, counts money, enjoys puzzles and the best part is he attemps anything you ask him to do
Saurav Shukla
My daughter Shreya is enjoying the learning. She is getting attracted to the course on her own and waits for the class every day.
Sharad Saxena
Very good concept. My son is grasping and has improved a lot .
Aniket K
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