Early Childhood: Age 2 to 6
Early Childhood Education experts, along with you, design scientific and personalised products for your child.

Each product is unique to every child. First, our Early Childhood Education experts take the parent’s help and develop the profile of the child and then we start designing the product that addresses the requirements and interests of the child.

Our experts and you, together, set a goal to be achieved in the following four months. Please understand, our goals are not limited to just learning numbers and alphabets or reciting rhymes. We have to set goals for the overall development of child. Remember, we are trying to make your child a SuperKid who can to excel in every aspect of life.

My Robot -
Personalised Robot for Teaching

My Sweety Heart -
Exclusive Range of Ice creams

Special Products For Children

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Scientifically Designed Books

Activity Based Books

Age 2 to 6 lays the foundation
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