IIT-JEE/ AIPMT Aspirants
Undeniable Facts

C 99.4% of AIPMT candidates fail to make it to Medical College
C Total 52,300 seats
C Govt seats <25,000
Year No. of Registrants Candidates Appeared
2015 632,620 374,386
2014 616,982 523,701

C 97.97% of IIT JEE Candidates fail to qualify for IIT.
C Approx 10000 to 11000 seats available in IIT
C 12 lakh students contest for 2 lakh seats in JEE Advanced
C Over 1 in 6 students drop out of IIT race after JEE (Main)
Year No. of Registrants Candidates Appeared Candidates Qualified
2015 124,740 117,238 26,456
2014 126,997 120,901 27,151
Year No. of Registrants
2015 124,740
2014 126,997
Candidates Appeared Candidates Qualified
117,238 26,456
120,901 27,151
About ScoreMoore:

ScoreMoore is a revolutionary programme, conceived, developed and conducted by Dr. Praveen Kumar to train and tune the brain in such a manner that it will help the brain to stay positive and attract all positive feelings about being successful and achieving the desired goal.

ScoreMoore  not only helps you to score more marks but also to score easyily.
Objectives of ScoreMoore:

1. To make more aspirants clear the exam
2. To increase the score of all the aspirants by up to 20%
3. If at all they fail to clear the exam, to make them face the life positively and ensure they emerge as a
winner and achiever in whatever  they choose to do
We intend to achieve the above said objectives by:

C Helping them develop a positive attitude
C Helping them overcome fear and stress
C Helping them understand their strength and weakness
C Help them identifying their learning style
How ScoreMoore Works:

Step 1
Inculcate the habit of positive approach towards life

Step 2
SWOT analysis

Step 3
Identifying the learning style

Step 4
Monthly analysis and review of their approach
Course Duration:

C 12 days
C Divided into 3 sessions of 4 days with a gap of 60 days
C Each session will be of 90 minute durations
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